Gender Reveal Party

I discovered Kate Petronis from And Everything Sweet, a few months ago. I’d lost her blog and luckily found it again.
She´s really talented, I found myself  watching her blog from start to end and loving every one of  her cakes.

Kate loves everything about parties and the thing I love the most is that she can plan a playdate for her daughter as if  it were a big event.

I ‘d like to show you lots of her creations but let’s start with The Gender Reveal Party!

Decorations, food and beverages were made to fit the themed party. Kate made a cake which concealed the gender inside, blue filling for boy or pink filling for girl.

I love this concept to find out babies gender! Don´t you think?

Visit Kate’s blog to find more pictures of the party!

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6 Responses to “Gender Reveal Party”

  1. so beautiful! I love the fabric and the cake is gorgeous and very clever!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. I created baby announcement bracelets for a few of my former colleagues and now I sell them on Etsy. Someone recently told me about gender reveal parties and told me that my bracelets should be part of that trend.

    Thanks for showing me what a gender reveal party could look like!
    So cute!

  3. Where do u get all the candy

  4. it’s (I thought Simply Shabby Chic was aossciated with Target? Maybe ssc stands for something else.) I’m keeping my eyes peeled for some sparkling pink and white! What’s one more box of Christmas decor, right? I just need a McMansion to store it all in, not my teeny 2-bed cottage!