Gender Reveal Party

I discovered Kate Petronis from And Everything Sweet, a few months ago. I’d lost her blog and luckily found it again.
She´s really talented, I found myself  watching her blog from start to end and loving every one of  her cakes.

Kate loves everything about parties and the thing I love the most is that she can plan a playdate for her daughter as if  it were a big event.

I ‘d like to show you lots of her creations but let’s start with The Gender Reveal Party!

Decorations, food and beverages were made to fit the themed party. Kate made a cake which concealed the gender inside, blue filling for boy or pink filling for girl.

I love this concept to find out babies gender! Don´t you think?

Visit Kate’s blog to find more pictures of the party!

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6 Responses to “Gender Reveal Party”

  1. so beautiful! I love the fabric and the cake is gorgeous and very clever!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. I created baby announcement bracelets for a few of my former colleagues and now I sell them on Etsy. Someone recently told me about gender reveal parties and told me that my bracelets should be part of that trend.

    Thanks for showing me what a gender reveal party could look like!
    So cute!

  3. Where do u get all the candy

  4. All of these are the original vieorsns:1. Nightmare on Elm Street2. The Exorcist3. The Shining4. Jaws (if it isn’t a horror movie, then why did it scare the crap out of me? Who can swim in the ocean without thinking of the theme song?)5. Poltergeist6. Carrie7. Psycho8. Aliens9. Halloween10. Christine