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Disco Party

A Disco Party for kids? Yes, it was a blast!

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Halloween in Azkaban!

Prisoner of Azkaban theme could work just fine on a Halloween party or even for a birthday party on this season.

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fiesta pirata sueniosencantados

Pirate Party

Ahoy Matey!
Take a look at Thomas and Ian’s Pirate Party!

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A Pirate Party Recap

After a few days planning and organizing, this weekend we have enjoyed the Pirate Party to celebrate our kids for their birthdays (Ian 7 &Thomas 4).

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Dragonflies Party

A dragonfly theme to use on a birthday or baby shower party!

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chutes & ladders

Chutes & Ladders

The Chutes and Ladders’ party is very fun and original!

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Vintage Post Stamp Invitation

We are introducing our latest Vintage design, a Post Stamp Birthday Invitation!

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